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What a magnificent day. With many magnificent moments. Now, time to enjoy and relax and let Joe and his talented bunch work their tushies off. I do like Amazon.

Could we ask for a better day yesterday? A new, sane president. An uplifting all-day ceremony — ended with magnificent fireworks — and a stockmarket boom that couldn’t be beat. My best day ever!

There are calls that it’s coming to an end. One idiotic newsletter headlined this morning “It’s Time To Go To Cash For The Next 7 Years.

I bet they wrote that headline every day in 2020.

Lots of what we own are being upgraded — like Amazon. It’s hard to pick new ones as favorites stream in and out of fashion — from one day to the next, from one moment to the next. Wow. Look at our Netflix stay quiet, then explode. Probably because Susan and I have been watching The Queen’s Gambit, Chris Rock, etc. Thank you Reed.

For now I’ll enjoy a return to normalcy.

I watched the entire Inauguration. I cried as Lady Gaga sang and Biden spoke. But what got me going most was a 22-year old poet Amanda Gorman reading her poem “The Hill We Climb.” Here she is. This woman has serious talent.

Meantime, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) sang the National Anthem, clutching a gold microphone. Hear her here:

More advice (!)

+ No more tax advice. It’s too complex.

+ You look lousy in Zoom if you have gray hair and wear glasses — like me. I’m experimenting with cameras and lighting. I still look lousy, despite keeping Logitech in business.

+ Keep moving. Stop eating. Last night I agonized and agonized. Do I go to a larger waist size on my jeans? Fortunately Lands End had a sale on plus-size jeans. (35 waist.)

+ You’ll eventually get the vaccine if you keep trying the various web sites. I suspect supply is going to loosen up in coming weeks. Meantime stay safe.

+ Watch CNBC  on your laptop. They have one big plus — they shut off the irritating commercials for diseases you don’t have — yet. Keep watching live cable. You never know what you can develop.

Serious chasms still exist

Yesterday a rabid Trump supporter friend sent me two photos along with the comment:

+ Laughable! Do his supporters not care? Embarrassing for the US. Trump had more at Andrews.

Here’s Trump’s inauguration.

This is President Biden’s inauguration yesterday.

Covid made a difference. But, who, God forbid, lets the facts interfere with a good story?

In case you’re wondering what comes next (?)

This came in late last night.

God forbid, again.

See you tomorrow. – Harry Newton