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Stocks on sale today. Emergency preparedness. Top pet stocks. Is Oracle about to get red hot?

Stocks are on sale today.

So nibbling may be in order. I don’t find tech stocks hotly attractive today (though they’re cheaper), but I do like some of our non-techs, some of which are climbing today — e.g. MO (yielding 7.85%), DIS, GE, AVXL,  NYT, F and DKNG. Look for support levels and put in low bids. It dropping further. So you may be lucky.

Thinking about Texas

My worst disaster is to lose electricity. Without electricity, I have no heat, no lights, no Internet, no water, no food.  No nothing.

I have a Generac emergency generator. Good stock. One of our strongest performers.

There are two ways my generator can die: It runs out of propane. It breaks down.

It’s meant to check itself every Saturday by starting. But it doesn’t tell me if it doesn’t start, re even if it does start. (I’m checking that later today.) There are three main reasons it doesn’t start: Its battery is dead. (It’s happened.) It has no propane. (The man in the big truck forgot to fill me up.) The sparkplug is dead.

I will trudge out in the snow today to check the generator to see if it starts. But why doesn’t it talk to me? My Honeywell gadgets do. My local Generac dealer is researching WiFi. He Says its his first request!

Do I need a second propane tank? Most planes have at least two fuel tanks, one auxiliary. Why not me? This morning I learned I could speed the propane delivery man up and have him come more often. Keep my tank topped up. I need to call him. Fortunately, I have a big thousand gallon tank.

Water. Pipes burst in Texas for two reasons: It was cold and there was water in them that froze. If we lose power and heat, I’ll turn off the water to the house, and then open all the faucets and drain the pipes. No frozen burst pipes for me. Empty pipes don’t burst, no matter how cold it gets.

Are our two cars full of gas? Worst, I can warm up in the car (outside), but only if it has gas. Do we have layers of clothes?

Do we have zillions of bottles of water. A gallon of distilled water costs $1 at our local supermarket. Hence, I can afford a lot of water, if I can carry it. Do we also have food that doesn’t need refrigeration? Twinkies and Snoballs are ideal never expire “foods.” I bet my daughter, Claire, is puking as she reads my love for pink Snoballs.

And then there’s the obvious simple stuff, which we already have:

+ Basic tools

+ Duct tape

+ Flashlights plus spare batteries.

+ Candles

+ Snow shovels.

+ Dry wood for the fireplace.

+ Plenty of cables and power supplies, that also work in the car.

+ Several books you always wanted to read.

This is Frisbee

She is my son’s family’s new dog. She’s been a year in the waiting, reflecting the explosion in dog popularity which the pandemic has brought.

The best dog stock is Chewy. Here’s it compared with ZTS and PAWZ, an pet ETF. I bought some more CHWY today.

Here are the ETF PAWZ’s top ten holdings:

Check out the chart on IDXX. We missed that one, so far. But I nibbled on it today.

Barron’s pushed Oracle

Over the weekend, Barron’s said ORCL was an undervalued tech stock, now moving into the cloud to compete against cloud kings, AMZN, GOOGL and MSFT.

As a stock, ORCL has given boring a whole new meaning. Here’s its last ten years, compared to the cloud kings:

ORCL is the blue line on the floor.  Barron’s has plenty of numbers to justify its pick. They’re online. And today ORCL popped. To my brain, the stock needs a little buzz. Put this one in the wait and watch bucket.

I suspect they already have. Especially if I think Snoballs are funny.

See you tomorrow — Harry Newton