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It’s really hard to buy when there are so many parabolas. But you CAN find them.

Everyone in California and Texas should own a Generac emergency generator. I own one. I’ve seen them at hotels I’ve been to — like this one at a hotel in Anguilla:

My Generac isn’t as large. And right now it’s buried by 18 inches of snow. So I can’t show you a photo. But I know it’s there, because it tests itself every Saturday for half an hour. Mine runs on propane, the same as the heating for my house.

I have been recommending Generac the stock for a while. Here’s the last year:

I personally am up 86% on my holding. Like Generac, many of our stocks have gone parabolic. Here  are more examples:

I’m looking for more.  Not easy. For example I know that lumber prices (because of all the building) have gone through the roof.

Am I too late to that? Look at WY:

Steel prices are also way up. because of construction. Ironically, even US Steel can get parabolic:

My learned friends are worried about the frothiness of the S&P 500 index. It also looks almost parabolic over the last 12 months.

Most gurus believe we’ll see a handsome 23% earnings growth for the SPX in 2021. The economy will soon receive another Fed government stimulus. Most everyone will have their shot by end-summer. I have my first and will have my second next Wednesday. Inflation is picking up, but still low. Real estate in all areas — minus hotels and some retail — is doing remarkably well. The big growth areas are logistics (fancy name for Amazon warehouses) and life sciences. There’s a huge business coming in re-purposing retail malls.

I fell for this on a can of Barbasol

It was the same price as a standard 11 ounce can. Idiot me. Good marketing them.

Totally tasteless, but what a great invention!

It runs for about five minutes. $14.99 at Amazon. Click here.

The Australian Open is ending this weekend

The finals are Saturday and Sunday. The Tennis Channel is playing great matches from this year’s Open, including I’m guessing ,one to include Simona Halep:

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 16: Simona Halep of Romania plays a backhand in her Women’s Singles Quarterfinals match against Serena Williams of the United States during day nine of the 2021 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on February 16, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Here’s one of Serena:

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 08: Serena Williams of The United States of America serves in her Women’s Singles first round match against Laura Siegemund of Germany during day one of the 2021 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on February 08, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

You can see more great pictures from the Australian Open here.

It’s pleasant up in the boonies

This afternoon it snowed a little. Click the line if you can’t see the photo:

The snow brought out our neighbor Russ Weaver, 73, on his 48-year old tractor which he personally maintains. “I can’t fix my wife’s car. It’s got a computer.”

I took the photos and the movie with my new amazing iPhone 12 Pro Max, including this one of my friend, Bob Siegel.

Look at the clarity and color of these photos and video. This little iPhone 12 Pro Max puts 99% of professional cameras to shame. Go Apple.

You’ve read all the horrors from Texas. Here’s a nice story:

Austin man rescues dozens of drivers left stranded by winter storm
Using his chains, ropes, and four-wheel drive, over the course of two days Ryan Sivley helped rescue about 150 people stranded by the side of the road in Austin, Texas. A brutal winter storm is battering the state, and Sivley told KVUE after thinking about what it would be like to be stuck outside in the freezing temperatures, he knew he had to do something. “I’ve been helping anybody I find on the side of the road,” Sivley said. “I do a lot of off-roading with different groups in Austin, so I had recovery straps and chains and I have two trucks that are four-wheel drive.” In addition to pulling cars to freedom, Sivley has also helped get stranded nurses to work and driven patients home from the hospital. His rescue service is free, and everybody he encounters is “really happy,” he said.

Ryan Sivley for Senate.

I’ve been reading a lot. Not easy to find the next great parabola. What I do know, however, is you’ll find it in our holdings — listed in the right hand column on the web site — here.

See you in the next couple of days. — Harry Newton