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High expectations. Big gyrations. iIt’s earnings seasons. The Grandkids achieve a milestone. FundingThe BIG LIE.

It’s a weird time earnings season, as gurus coment and analysts predict.

Amazon is slowing. There are more people in stores, fewer shopping online.

That’s why the stock cratered in recent days.

You wouldn’t know the slowing down from the pile that came today:

There are two ways to “play” Amazon — buy on the dips and sell on the bounces. The second way is to own and hold the stock. I prefer the later.

But my dear friend Steve likes the former because he has all his trading in an IRA account, so he doesn’t pay taxes every time he makes a profit — which is often. The man is a genius at trading. I’m a dud.

There are weird happenings in earnings season. The companies report a bunch of numbers — some of which may “beat’ the street’s estimates … and the stock may go up or down, depending.

When you have a lot of money in a handful of stocks –as I do in AAPL, AMZN, NVDA, PYPL and GNRC — these earnings season gyrations can be painful.

My “strategy”: I read the reports. I read the transcripts. I read the financial press.

My learned conclusion: Our big tech stocks are doing just fine and improving with new services every day.  My job is to not to pay attenion to the nonsense Wall Street analysts projections and keep “beating” for bad children, not bad stocks.

In short, the economy is doing well. Technology is doing even better . I’ll stick with what makes sense and play tennis with my son, Michael, who’s visiting.

I bought a little more PayPal, Square, Ford and Microsoft. I will buy some more GNRC, maybe around $395.

Useful stuff

+ Reboot your phone once a week. That will thwart “in-memory payloads,” which are used to hack your phone without you knowing it.

+ The first time to do something new takes two hours .The next time it takes two minutes.

+ Check. Check. Check. This morning I put a cup of coffee on the roof while I packed my car. Then I drove off. That was a pricey cup.

+ The best software to make Windows 10 logical and familiar is something called Classic Shell. I wouldn’t use Windows 10 without it. It’s bulletproof. Get it for free here.

+ Everything that’s “hard” in our tiny brains often gets postponed. BUt

+ Don’t subscribe or buy anything immediately. In a few hours, they’ll email you a 50% coupon.

+ You do have a mousepad on your iPhone. Hold your thumb on “space” and gently move your thumb around. It’s neat.

+ Many of the websites that recommend products receive a commission if you buy.

A great joy — perhaps the greatest

I open my tennis closet:

From behind me I hear, “What’s this balls, shirt, towel, water and headbands?”

I turn around there are two seven-year olds — Sophie (seven later this month) on the left and Eleanor on the right.

For the first time ever, I realize THEY CAN READ!

My grandkids can read!

This is huge mitzvah!

Were we born to fly?

You’ll die laughing.

Favorite this week’s New Yorker cartoons

I woke up, stetched and gave myself a horrid gramp. Water. Water. Water.

The Big Money behind the BIG LIE

The latest New Yorker has a well-researched piece by Jane Mayer;

You’ll learn the reasons behind the explosion of state laws to restrict voting rights. The objective? More Republican victories by keeping people from voting who are more likely to vote Democrat. There’s well-funded strategy here. Ms. Mayer piece is worth reading. Click here.