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The noise around Facebook. How to get richer, wiser, happier.

Facebook is still the best advertising medium around

Despite the whistleblower. Despite Congress. Despite the FCC, SEC, FDA, etc.

I listened to “learned” Congresspeople present their ideas on what to do about Facebook. (Other than venting.)

Not one of them had a logical, concrete “solution.”

Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users.

Facebook itself has been hiring thousands of people to read posts. It must be the world’s most boring job. It has AI powered computers reading posts.

It’s not easy to weed out the garbage. No one has the magic bullet. I don’t.

Meanwhile, Facebook is still the best advertising medium — in many ways better than Google.

I’ve been in technology for 52 years. Someone will come along and eat Zuck’s lunch. Trust me on this one. The noise around Facebook today is only noise.

Meanwhile, Facebook shares today are a good buy.

Windows 11 is here

Don’t install it.

Remember our cardinal rule for everything in life, including technology:

If it works don’t mess with it.

There are no overarching reasons to use Windows 11 now. No reasons! Zero reasons.

Australia’s draconian lockdowns

Florida’s government Ron DeSantis rips Australia. But Australia’s lockdowns clearly work — if you care about keeping your people alive.

Now comes some numbers on Texas and the latest on Australia;

29 million people live in Texas. 65,000 people have died of covid.

1,346 people have now died of covid in Australia.

Here’s the updated chart:

Where are your best chances of staying alive?

In short, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay away from everyone.

I learned something: Unvaxed idiots don’t look like idiots. They look like you and I.

Treat everyone as though they have the plague. Because they probably do.

Apple stuff

You probably need a second pair of Apple AirPods for your long phone and Zoom calls. AirPod battery life runs out quickly. Get the cheaper ones. You don’t need the pricier Pros.

And, by the way, Apple stock is a great bargain. It’s 10% down from its peak a month ago. Go for it.

I just bought a new iPhone 13 Pro Max and a new Series 7 Apple Watch. I haven’t received anything yet — except (dig this) an empty box to return my old Apple Watch for a trade-in. The box came yesterday by FedEx. I think it was the first time our FedEx man had schlepped so far for so little. An empty box!

What the world is coming to

Watch it to the end. You’ll die laughing.

Today’s best cartoons

My son and Tesla

My son loves his Tesla Y. So do my neighbors who also have a Y.

One day when I go somewhere further than the local tennis court, I’ll buy a Tesla also.

For now, I bought some more SQ and PYPL

Read this book

I’m reading this book. It’s really good. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow:

Download it in Kindle. Reverse the type to black. Then you can read it in bed, without disturbing the missus, who’s a light sleeper.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton