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Bouncing back. Why your child should never wear a mask (?) Great new cartoons

Tech stocks bounced back strongly today, and began to turn down around 11:00 AM,

That’s not unusual.

But then it turned up.

You could go nuts with this stuff.

There are two “solutions:”

+ Do nothing. Just like you did nothing yesterday when the market swooned big time. (But came back big-time today.)

+ Buy some QQQ puts. When the market craters next time (tomorrow?), you can make some money and not feel awful, like you did yesterday.

Early October — like now — is squirrelly. We’re three weeks away from earnings season.

Some hedgies figure they’ve done well enough for the year and sell out.  And the quant computers make things worse by selling into a downtrend.

This year, there’s a bit more “uncertainty” around — debt default, infrastructure bill, inflation is rearing, interest rates are rising, talk of regulating tech companies and 52 China jets buzz Taiwan.

A Chinese J-16 fighter jet — ugly but probably effective. Looks like the American F-16.

Yours truly remains optimistic for the stockmarket for the rest of the year: Earnings will start in three weeks. They’ll be good. Especially tech earnings. The economy will keep opening up as more people get vaxed. Interest rates remain low. Monetary policy is still kind.

Stop reading. Stop listening. The nonsense put out by BubbleVision and the financial press can positively freak out normal people.

Cramer put this out yesterday:

Our position in Facebook may be one of the smallest we have in the entire charitable trust, but this story is so challenging that we are currently leaning towards exiting our position altogether. We simply feel that there are cleaner areas of the market we would rather invest in, especially at these prices with the S&P 500 more than 5% off its highs and the tech-heavy Nasdaq even lower.

The New York Times led its Business Section today with this story:

This morning Facebook is up 2.4%,

Go figure.

Dumbest reasons to own a Tesla

Son Michael took his Subaru to get gas.  He lives in Oregon, where you’re not allowed to pump you own gas. (!)

Michael had to wait 45 minutes for the short-staffed gas station to fill his car.

Says Michael, “It’s much easier with my Tesla. I take it home and I plug it in and I go have dinner.”

It gets better. If you’re filling your Tesla on the road, you can watch Netflix or play Solitaire on your Tesla’s screen while you wait.

Rookery and crookery

Auto-pay is great for cable, phone companies, online digital subscriptions etc. When it’s time for your auto-renewal, they jack the price up.

They figure you won’t notice.

Supermarkets are learning, too. A $2.49 item is suddenly $2.79 when it’s rung up at the register.

Ain’t computers wonderful?

United Airlines did it.

Our New York building is about to do it also. Our new legal policy:

If you don’t get vaccinated, we’ll fire your ass.
You have ten days.

YouTube is better than wonderful

The battery in my wife’s Mercedes key fob died. The instructions in the Mercedes Instruction Manual in her car were flat-out wrong.

YouTube had a video that showed how to do it the right way. It worked.

You can fix anything by looking at a YouTube video.

You may have to — given the shortage of service people today.

Your iPhone is a great scanner

Put the camera onto 2.5. Make sure there’s no reflection from overhead lights.

Don’t let your children wear masks

Masks cause tooth decay, speech defects, lung cancer and breathing difficulties in children.

I know this is true. I read it on the Internet.

Super new sport for young kids

These girls are racing without pedals.

Great new cartoons

I play tennis every day for one and half  hours every day.  If I miss the exercise, I feel awful. If I miss two two days, I feel as though I’ve died.

Gotta keep moving. Except on that last step going down, when it’s wise to slow down.

Harry Newton