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The grandkids are in town for Thanksgiving Week.

The grandkids are in town for Thanksgiving week.

They’re doing New York things, like the Met.

I always thought the Met was full of this:

But it also has a collection of more recent, amazing paintings:

I’m mildly upset at yesterday’s drop in tech stocks. And I’m mildly amused at some of convoluted “explanations.”

Fact is we have low interest rates and will have them for a while, now Powell is back in. Hence I remain optimistic for stocks, and especially our stocks. (See the list in the right column of the web site.)

Meanwhile I’ll focus on the grandkids.

We’re off to the Intrepid aircraft carrier museum this morning and the Harry Potter store this afternoon. It has a virtual reality show (Harry Potter Metaverse??), replete with VR goggles and a hefty price tag — $34.

We’ll do MOMA, the Brooklyn Transit Museum, ride the subway and the Roosevelt Island Tram. And…. drumroll, watch the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday.

This will give exhaustion a whole new meaning.

Tasteless but fun cartoons

I put these together before the kids arrived.

See you soon. — Harry Newton