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Lesson one: Panic never works. Lesson two: Keep our heads. Lesson three: Buy the dip — NOW.

Oih! This is one jittery market. On Friday we learned about Omicron. And the market went down. Big time.

On Monday we learned that Omicron’s ills were mild. And the market went up. Big time. Round trip. No gain. Just pain.

On Tuesday (today) Moderna’s CEO said  existing coronavirus vaccines would be less effective at combating omicron. To confound the gloom, the New York Times had an editorial this morning “Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water.

“The Omicron variant is creating a lot of anxiety,” said the Times’ editorial.

No shit. Anxiety up the ying yang.

Journalists, writers and reporters love to make fear, especially about something (like omicron) they know so little about.

Blow up the fear. Attracts readers and viewers. Sells ads for more stuff we don’t need.


So, it’s a perfect time to buy the dip. Buy our favorite stocks.

They’re now cheaper. Mega cheaper.

Buy them quickly. This afternoon, they’re already bouncing.

My favorites may not be yours. However, look at MSFT, GOOGL, NVDA, NFLX, AAPL, AMZN, CRM, GNRC, NET, TTD, INTU, F and UNH.

Look also carefully at CRWD and PYPL  Both have taken big hits recently.

Favorite cartoons (to keep our spirits up)

I’ve been researching and reading much since the grandkids went home Saturday. …

Then today’s “Buy The Dip” opportunity popped up.

Do it.

By God, was I ever right about steering clear of ALL China stocks. Xi has the world’s largest stick up his place the sun never shines. His latest nonsense is to cancel China’s Internet celebs.  Read this.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton