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How serious is omicron for us as people and us as investors? What’s our strategy?

South Africa says the effects are mild. No smell or taste loss.

The drug companies are on it 24/7. Our boostered vaccines should protect you and me.

All of us alive and well have learned how to live with it. We’ve had 20 months. We’ll cope with this. The drug companies are on it 24/7.

We won’t kill the economy with lockdowns. There will be consequences:

+ This will delay travel. Not a good time  to own airline, cruise ship and travel cards, like American Express.

+ This will boost the fortunes of our onliners — AMZN, GOOGL, SHOP and ETSY.

+ This will also help drug companies like MRNA, MRK and PFE.

+ I suspect it might help ZM, which has come back quite a bit.

Pandemics are a trying time. I like to find a small way of rewarding myself if I accomplish something. Watch Red Notice on Netflix. It’s silly but fun. Watch 10 minutes of wild animals on Instagram. Call a friend up and wish them Happy Birthday, even if it isn’t. Buy something you don’t need.

As I wrote yesterday,

Journalists, writers and reporters love to make fear, especially about something (like omicron) they know so little about.

Blow up the fear. Attracts readers and viewers. Sells ads for more stuff we don’t need.

This is not the time to stay in love with stocks that have violate our 15% Stop Loss Rule.

I fell in love with PayPal and rode it down. I should have stuck with my rule. Today it will be up a little.

I was not impressed with CRM’s co-CEOs on Cramer last night. Too much hype. Too little substance. Poor earnings. Poor guidance. They’re getting too big.

Would you invest?

+ “I hope you both are doing well. We have not met in the past, however I wanted to briefly introduce myself.” — totally unsolicited email, just in. 

Gotta to find fun.

Harry Newton’s Bar Mitzvah Principle

If you piss off one single customer, 250 people will hear about it at the next Bar Mitzvah.

Useful stuff

+ Chrome does a good job of being a password manager. And it’s free.

+ An iPhone is not a small business laptop. It does phoning good. But it does business bad. Its screen is too small. And its file structure is abysmal.

+ Homes are hot.  Most house brokers charge 6% — but not if you bargain with them. Try for 3%. Then settle at 4%. In contrast, Australian house brokers typically charge 2.5%, but you can bargain them down to 2%. In contrast again, brokers for office building sales in the U.S. typically charge 1% to 2%.

+ Javier is available 24/7 — even 3:00 AM. If you’re selling something, you must answer your cellphone 24/7. You should also make sure you set up your voice mail, so you can take messages.

+ You can’t unlock your iPhone wearing a mask. But you can unlock it using your Apple Watch. Which is really neat.

+ Always use synthetic oil in your car’s engine. Always.

+ These things really work (especially for tennis):

+ Mostly Amazon is cheaper. Sometimes it’s not. If your stuff is heavy (like tennis balls), Amazon can be pricier.

+ Best places to buy suits: eBay and Poshmark. You can look like a million bucks for $75 at your next bar mitzvah.

+ Microsoft CEO made his big stock sale of around $300 million) because he lives in Washington State and on January 1 the capital gains rate there nearly doubles. MSFT will be up today.

+ Stop going to the fridge when you have writer’s  block.

+ Don’t give your email or phone number to get an xx% discount. Sketchers, the shoe company, is the most abusive.

+ Think you have normal blood pressure? Think again. Mine is 120/80. Now they’re telling me it’s too high. Read more here.

Today is abortion day at the Supreme Court

Yesterday’s New York Times had a guest essay titled,

I Was Raped by My Father. An Abortion Saved My Life.
Anti-abortion laws in Mississippi and Texas contain no exceptions for rape or incest. Here is what that means for survivors.
By Michele Goodwin

You can read it here.  Or here: opinion-i-was-raped-by-my-father-an-abortion-saved-my-life-1-Dec-2021

You can buy this book on eBay or Amazon

An Amazon reader reviewed it:

The book is cheaper on eBay. Click here.

See you tomorrow. Harry Newton