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She’s back. The Trade of 2022 seems to continue, maybe. I don’t like pain. I have a cure.

She returned. Our mother robin. This is her biggest crop., just photographed this morning.

This is her tree. It’s just outside our kitchen window. Hence, her nest is at viewing and photographing height.

The dismal stock market

We remain in a bear market.

PhillyGuy, a reader, presciently pointed out the trade of 2022 was to short tech and buy energy.

Here’s today’s heat map so far.

Tech is awful. Health care is OK. And energy is down.

I should have been intelligent earlier. My present miserable portfolio consists of:

+ An increasingly smaller holding of Apple which keeps falling. (You like “increasingly smaller?”)

+ Energy stocks, Devon, ENB, FANG, and PXD which are all down today. Otherwise they’re up since I bought them.

+ Three shorts — AMZN, GOOGL and NVDA. It breaks my heart to short great companies. But the shorts are making money.

+ I shorted a little CVX. We’ll see. As I write this, I’m up eleven cents. Whoopee. Which is a short term gain. Are you listening, Mr. Tax Man?

+ Some healthcare – UNH, JNJ and ABT. Which are up.

Basically I don’t like pain , and because I believe this bear market will continue to be bearish, I need to grin and bear it. But not be in it.

Jeff keeps a framed copy of this cover on his wall

His risky bet is now the most profitable, fastest growing part of Amazon’s business. The business is AWS, Amazon Web Services. Jeff basically invented doing business in the cloud.

This is brilliant

I received an email which had just one line:

Please respond now so that I will email you back with the main reason why I contacted you.

I never did reply.

More fun stuff from Quora

Neat cartoons

It’s a bear market. Face it.  But it’s 60 degrees and azure blue skies in Columbia County, New York. Perfect tennis weather.

Which is what I’m about to do.

Please send a little money to World Central Kitchen. I just did, again. Click here.

See you soon. — Harry Newton