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A new fashion and some new investment strategies that will pay off. Wonderful New York museums.

It’s now fashionable to be negative.

Jamie Dimon of JPM talks of an economic hurricane. Goldman’s boss talks about economic shocks. Ditto Morgan Stanley.

Newspaper headline: “World Bank Sees Global Threat on Global Scale. Inflation, Lockdowns and War Raise the Risks of a Recession.

CNBC’s big story today:

In this new world of negative forecasts and bad vides, it is unrealistic to expect stocks and most asset classes to do well.

Hence, we have blood on the street. A perfect time to search for bargains and overpriced stocks to short.

My friends are finding “bargains” in real estate, in factories and in “special” situations, like companies that have run out of money or companies divesting themselves of “difficult” assets.

How my investor friends find them, and how you can find them is energetic “searching” — from bank managers to local investors ,to even broker, etc. Start calling today. Opportunity is but one phone call away.

A year ago, stocks — especially tech stocks — went up because that was the sentiment. Now they go down because that’s the sentiment. There are days in this bear market (not today) when stocks rise. That’s Mr. Market fooling with your head. Don’t be fooled. It’s a bear market.

I have four simple “solutions,” in addition to calling around:

+ Buy yourself your two year treasuries. You can now get around 2.8% — which is more than I got a week or so ago – 2.66%.

+ Check out your favorite stocks. I don’t like catching falling knives. but some are bouncing. I saw TV ads for Generac emergency generators and figured if they were advertising, their supply must be improving. I bought a few GNRC. The stock is bouncing. Lucky me.

+ There are stocks with hugely high P/Es (or no P/Es, i.e. no profits) — like AMZN, ANET, ASML, and CRWD — that may be worth shorting. Certainly not owning. Stay away from energy stocks for now. It looks like they’ve had their run. I’m off banks also. They just keep on falling, despite rising interest rates.

+ Go play tennis. Visit a museum. In New York, I like the MET and MOMA, which I visited with my sister and her son, and found joys:

This weekend is a Big Family Celebration

It’s my 80th Birthday. The family has come from Australia. It’s totally wonderful seeing family I couldn’t through the long Pandemic.

If you’d like to celebrate with us, please donate to World Central Kitchen:

World Central Kitchen is doing such good work. I have friends of friends who have worked with WCK who report how refugees — inside and outside Ukraine — appreciate WCK.

To give WCK some money, click here.

See you after this wonderful weekend.  — Harry Newton