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How to live forever. Lessons from my 80th birthday — today

+ Stay curious. Keep looking for that perfect investment —  of your time.  It’s fun to discover new things.

+ Enjoy little things. I actually now like sparkling water.

+ Keep moving. And moving fast. Tennis. Jogging. Walking.

+ Enjoy your family and your friends. A long Harvard study found that people who are more socially connected to family, to friends, to community, are happier, physically healthier, and live longer.

+ Help other people. Get them a small present, or a large compliment.

+ Don’t do stupid. Watch for stairs. Especially the last one.

+ Reward yourself. After a great seminar, Gerry Friesen, my wonderful partner, and I went to Denny’s for a chocolate milkshake. Then a second, if we did really good. (Which we always did.)

+ Keep beating your son at tennis. My father started to fade the day I beat him at tennis.

+ Enjoy doing something — anything — every day. Even if it’s just figuring how to use WhatsApp on your iPhone or — God Forbid — writing this blog. Which I really like doing.

I hope some of you like reading my blog. I hope you all will be around for my 90th.

Today, however, please enjoy my 80th.

And please celebrate my birthday by donating to World Central Kitchen. Click here.

Oh yes, my robins: This is them a few weeks ago:

This is them last night:

Life is wonderful for me, my robins and my family. I hope it’s wonderful for you and yours. — Harry Newton