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You can now earn 4.19% on a one year treasury. Or 4.22% on a two year. We’re in World War III. Here’s what you need to do.

You can now earn 4.19% on a one year treasury. Or 4.22% on a two year.

Sometimes you can make this in a day with equities — especially if you short them — as I’m doing.

I’m also looking for a happy life. I have enough in cash for the next two years — unless my daughter concocts a scheme to travel superior, premium, super-extreme, upper First Class to some place she thinks is “exotic.”

My bucket list (my exotics) has only two places — Patagonia (at the bottom of South America) and the Galapagos (off the coast of Ecuador.


And the Galapagos…

Where I’ll meet my friend:

I read this book to try to understand Putin

I read every page of its 656 pages. That was weeks ago. I keep reading stuff on Russia. I still can’t  figure what he’s going to do next. But I have some ideas. To wit:

+ He is seriously talented. He has sold every major politician in the world, and then betrayed and then screwed them.

+ Putin is the richest person in the world, worth at least $500 billion. Maybe $1 trillion. Sanctions can’t hurt him. Check out his oil sales to India and China. His treasury is bulging, despite the war.

+ He’s the absolute dictator of a brainwashed, frightened nation. You can go to jail in Russia for 15 years for talking about the “war.”

+ He has a vision of a Soviet Empire he wants to reconstruct. There’s no “logic.” It’s just his madness.

+ He is the most dangerous, most ruthless person in the entire world. Look at the destruction and deaths he’s caused in places like Aleppo ,  Grozny and now huge swaths of Ukraine. Look at the murders (poisonings, “suicides” etc.) he’s done.

+ Look at the economic disasters he’s wrought throughout the  world already — from famine in Africa, to destroying jobs and factories in Europe.

+ If he succeeds in taking Ukraine, he will absolutely go after other countries, including those in NATO.

+ He will use nuclear weapons if pushed into a corner.

+ As he calls up 300,000 poor people, we in the west have a short-term opportunity to inflict serious harm on his present army.

Key take-away: Putin is waging World War III.

Until Western Europe (and the U.S.) wakes up to what’ s happening, much wealth and many lives will be lost.

If you have a moment, send some words to your congressperson or senator and say “Send more military assistance to Ukraine. Do it quickly. Time is of essence.”

Your last time to see Federer in action

Starts this afternoon and runs this weekend.

Stocks are still way over-priced.

I repeat: Stocks are still way over-priced. The Fed continues to grind down corporate earnings. A recession is either here or is coming. That’s what the Fed wants. Don’t fight it.

That’s it. See you later this weekend. — Harry Newton