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What to do with cash? A cheap business class flight to Paris. What to do when your car doesn’t like the cold.

What to do with cash?

+ Most banks pay no interest on checking or savings accounts. Millions of people give them free money. Think about that for a moment.

+ Some money market funds pay 4%.

+ Six month treasuries pay 4.8%.

+ Fidelity will pay you 3.96 % on their SPAXX Fidelity Government Money Market Fund. I use it as a fund my cash gets swept into. It doesn’t have a fixed rate, but changes every week or so when

+ Capital One will pay you 3,4% in a savings account. Marcus will pay you 3.3%. My big bank — of which I’m a private client — is paying me 2.03%.

I have tried to deal with both Capital One and Goldman Sachs’ Marcus banks. Both give idiocy whole new meanings. I accused the man in Capital One’s Costa Rican “help” center of stealing $250,000 of my money. He said it would “appear” tomorrow (Monday) — only a week after I sent it!

Fidelity will pay you 3.96 % on their SPAXX Fidelity Government Money Market Fund. I use it as a fund my cash in my online brokerage account gets swept into.

More useful stuff

+ Sometimes links in emails (like “unsubscribe“) don’t work . Forward your email to your gmail account and try from there. Usually works.

+ Excellent cheap way to get to Paris business class. Highly recommended. Click here.

+ Windows laptops often don’t work with Apple services. Try using an iPhone or an iPad.

+ The best browser is Google’s Chrome. Works better on my iPhone than Apple’s crummy  Safari.

+ The most comfortable “shoes” are made by Sketchers and Rockport.

ChatGRP is beyond my patience and my intelligence.

I eventually did get signed up and skimmed the “instructions.”

I wanted ChatGRP to write me a commercial for a pill I could sell to people who, like me, are sick of seeing endless ads for endless diseases we don’t have. Are you listening Skyrizi?

My pill would “hear” the beginning of a pill commercial and immediately turn off my ears –the ones in my head –for 30 seconds. It would turn off my ears every thirty seconds until my movie resumed or a talking head told me why Donald Trump should be in jail, again. (That’s a second pill opportunity.)

ChatGRP could, I’m sure, write the commercial I want. But I don’t know yet how to tell ChatGRP to do that – especially when I could write the ad on my laptop in bed while watching the Tennis Channel.

I digress. If you’d like a 10% share in my new Turn-Off-Pill-Commercial business, please send $100,000 to me in real money, not bitcoin.

Please watch this interview with our Secretary of State.

How big is Russia?

It’s the biggest country in the world — by far.

I got this mad urge to drive it. Using Google Maps, here are two nice drives. First, from the Pacific to the Baltic.

From Volgograd to Saint Petersburg.

Volgograd is one place Russia is assembling its war machinery. Here’s how you get it to Ukraine:

Super New Yorker cartoons – this week

Almost worth crying over

There are people who bought Rivian at $170 and still own it. Ouch.

The weekend’s BIG event

It got cold. Very cold. Our cars didn’t like the below zero temperatures. The Subaru shut off a bunch of functions. The Mercedes said “Stop vehicle. Leave engine running.” Screw that. I drove it home. The next day, it got warmer. I jump started the Mercedes. The error message disappeared and all the Subaru functions returned from the dead. Batteries don’t like cold weather.

Car batteries last maybe three to four years. I will replace the Mercedes battery, which is four years old. But I can’t remove it and replace it with a new battery. Like you can with normal cars and trucks. This car needs a computer re-set. Without it, it won’t move — even though it now sports a new battery. Ain’t technology wonderful?

These things are the greatest:

Buy them here.

I’ll be back tomorrow. — Harry Newton