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The most obvious way to pick stocks. Why you should own an Apple Watch. New way to deliver Chinese food.

People who form companies usually do better for the companies than managers who come in after.

People who form companies are often obsessed geniuses — the classic being Elon Musk.

In my real estate syndication investments, I usually deal with the firm’s founder who typically does good for me.

This morning I was listening to Ron Baron of Baron Funds. He’s one of our most successful investors. He waxed lyrically about Elon.

I’d bet I’d do well if I focused on founder companies — where the founder is still CEO or still has a significant role.

I made a list of obsessed geniuses:

+ Elon Musk Tesla.

+ Jensen Huang Nvidia

+ Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, (now Meta)

+ Reed Hastings Netflix

+ Howard Schultz Starbucks

+ Eric Yuan Zoom

+ Jeff Bezos Amazon

+ Fred Smith FedEx

+ Mitch Rales Danaher

Let me know whom I’ve forgotten.

To watch Baron’s interview this morning, click here.

Why you should own an Apple Watch

+ If you fall, you can call your spouse or children from the floor.

+ If you mislay your iPhone, your watch will ring it. You can find the room you left it in. You can find it under today’s newspaper or in bed. This saves huge time.

+ You can set alarms on your watch. They will vibrate the watch and wake you, not your partner. (I hate that word.)

+  If you’re in a meeting (or on the tennis court), and your phone rings, you can see who is calling you and choose to answer it or not. Or even send back a short message. If you don’t answer it, the call will go into Voice Mail.

+ You can see snippets of your emails, your  texts and the day’s news. Maybe something you were waiting for? Like your airline is delayed, again.

+ It measures your heart rate constantly and charts it. That’s useful, if you’re worried about croaking.

+ It shows your appointments — if you’re popular enough to have any.

+ It tells the time and weather in distant cities. Useful if you’re going somewhere.

+ It has a calculator. It will tell you what things cost in real money (dollars), not pacific pesos (as they call the devalued Australian dollar).

+ It can measure your blood oxygen level at any time. This is useful if you’re worried.

+ It can tell you how many steps you did that day and if you’re doing the exercise you should be doing.

For all these benefits, the Apple Watch is remarkably cheap. You can buy one for as little as $249.

I did not get paid to write this blatant plug for the watch. Shucks!

How to make your headphones wireless

This thing is called an AirFly Pro. Plug it into your airline seat or your laptop speaker jack. Suddenly you can listen on your AirPods Pro with noise cancellation.

Great for Zoom calls or on a plane when tangled wired devices mess up your reverie — fancy word for sleep.

$55. Click here.

The genius of the Chinese

What a brilliant way to deliver Chinese food.

Next Tuesday is St Valentines Day

Tonight is Biden’s State of the Union talk. I wish Biden would send more weaponry to Ukraine. There is no stopping Putin until he’s stopped, and removed from office. He is the most dangerous person in the world.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton