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Two words for a happy life. Three great tech tips. When bad news may be good news. We’ll know this morning.

When bad news may be good news. This morning we get the latest employment numbers. The learned economists are expecting 238,000 new jobs.

If the number is bigger, then the economy may be doing too good for the Fed. And another rate hike is in the cards.

If it’s lower, maybe they’ll skip the rate hike. And that will be good for stocks.

To my mind: The economy is definitely slowing. Recent reports from Costco, Levis, etc. show slower consumer sales. Firings — especially among tech companies — are up big time.

In short, it’s a rocky times for stocks, but a great time for treasuries. You can get nearly 5% on three-month treasuries. That’s an amazing return for doing nothing and enjoying Spring. To wit:

Daffodils outside our New York apartment yesterday:

The two words key to happiness

“No” and “Whatever.”

Read all the books. They say “Avoid Stress.”

Hence, say NO. As Todd says, “When in doubt, stay out.” Todd’s saying, you don’t need it. Go eye the flowers. Visit a museum. I found this happy fellow at the Met on Monday.

Instead of picking an argument, shrug your shoulders, smile and say Nan Schiff’s favorite “Whatever.”

Both words will add years to your life.


Three useful tech tips:

+ Send a message to a Verizon cellphone from your email
— Write the message like a normal email.
—  Email it to the 10-digit mobile number of the recipient followed by (e.g.,
—  Click Send.
+ Want to send someone a copy of an article you’re reading on the Internet?
— Click Ctrl p and “print” it to Save as a PDF.
— Email the PDF as an attachment.+ Google Chrome browser is a perfectly fine password manager
— You can sync it among your several laptops. I use three (for safety and convenience)
— Chrome will happily fill in userIDs, passwords, shipping addresses and forms, etc.

Late Night Celebrates Donald Trump’s History-Making Arrest
“It is a great day to be in New York City — well, unless you’re one person,” Jimmy Fallon joked on Tuesday.

Favorite clip:

For the rest, click here.

Only $47 for this priceless T-shirt

His chances at the presidency

+ His chances have improved, despite the funnies above.

+ He is clearly the leading Republican choice, way ahead of DeSantis.

+ He continues to spew hate, anger and self-pity. He’s the quintessential victim and loves playing the victim.

+ What his plan to improve our miserable lives? ” Are there any specific actions in MAGA? Better healthcare? Better roads? Better education? What? I’m still looking.

+ “We Finally Know the Case Against Trump, and It is Strong.”

That’s the headline on a long Opinion piece in Wednesday’s New York Times by three lawyers who’ve studied this stuff. They say “there’s nothing novel or weak about Alvin Bragg’s case.” For their piece, click here.

What a wonderful film review

‘Air’ Review: The Game Changers
In Ben Affleck’s enjoyable movie, Matt Damon stars as the Nike exec who’s trying to sign a young Michael Jordan. But first he must contend with Viola Davis.

For the review, click here.

Greatest products ever

This stuff works like magic on the back of your dry, scaly hands.

These blackberries taste fantastic and are probably good for you.

Favorite cartoons

Yes, his GPS was right.

I’ve updated my list of stocks I own. I bought a handful of AMZN, Google, and Apple. I sold Tesla and Costco. I’m getting less patient. See the right hand column.

I’ve also weened myself off Cramer. His imperative to get out a show every day creates an urgency to go with uncertainty.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton