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I got it wrong. I apologize. Nvidia is UP, not down. Big time UP. Huge UP.

They beat. They beat. They beat. Sales. Earnings. Guidance. You name it.

Nvidia reported at 4:30 EDT. Here’s how CNBC reported it:

I sold much (not all) of my NVDA today. It was my biggest position.

I didn’t lose on the sale. I was up dramatically.

But not up as much as I could have been — they’re up 20% after hours.

I look like a total idiot.

There’s probably a lesson here.

If some kind reader can figure what the lesson is, please let me know.

That’s it.

The only good news is that my crook ankle (from falling on the bottom step) is better. The ice worked. I’m playing tennis tomorrow morning.

Harry Newton, with major egg on his face.