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Some lessons from my brilliant wrong call on Nvidia

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Had I got NVDA right, I would have been insufferable.

One kind reader said it was OK. Bernard Baruch had once said “I made all my money selling too soon.

I certainly did that. Fortunately I caulked up a handsome profit on all the Nvidia I sold. (I didn’t sell all. I kept a handful.)

In the last few days I’ve bought all my Nvidia back — some now at a loss (compared to where  NVDA opened today).

Others pointed out that no one went broke by taking a profit.

Some asked, “Why apologize? We all know the situation. We’ve all been there. Stuff happens. Move on.

Nvidia is obviously in a bubble — a nice AI bubble. And that AI is morphing over to a handful of stocks, including SMCI which I’ve recommended (and didn’t sell).

Tomorrow I’ll you run through some of the latest reasons for the AI bubble.

Another bubble? I’m feeling very positive about VR — virtual reality. I’ve been playing with a Meta’s Oculus VR headset. I’m not impressed with the metaverse but I am impressed with the practical teaching/learning uses of these remarkable headsets.

More about that tomorrow.  I have to get out and hit a tennis ball. Today is another one of those nicest days of the year.

My favorite email

It goes on to say “ I will provide detailed instructions. We will share $9 Million US 50% each. Please reply for more details.”

Now, why do I know this is a scam? Not because of the $9 million. I deserve the nine million.

But, hey, look at the sender’s email address.

Semi-useful stuff

+ The French Open has started. Some of the matches are nail-biting, including yesterday’s Monfils match. I am in love with Iga. She’s Polish. My grandparents were Polish.

+ I will never ever give a nickel to a political campaign. They give my email address to politicians I’ve near heard of and never want to hear from. Then, no matter how hard I try, I can never unsubscribe. Worst is Mr. Trump. Saving grace: His emails are fun and his insults amusing. But you can’t get off that mailing list.

+ The best app for your iPhone is now:

Type or dictate (via Siri) some words. Bingo it sends you an email and/or a photo. Simple as pie and twice as useful. It’s replaces Captio which is no longer available on the AppStore. (I don’t know why. But I still use it.)

+ The most reliable, cheapest, easiest-to-use air conditioning are window units. When they break, you chuck them out and buy another unit. Much, much cheaper than central air. A few hundred dollars. A no-brainer.

+ If you’re building a house, make sure some of your windows will accommodate window air conditioners.

Remembering 37,000 Mass residents

They died in all the wars from the Revolution to today. An emotional photo.

Fun stuff

This one is the best.

Play it. It’s short.

Now we have a water leak in the basement. After 15 years, houses, tend to develop “issues.” We have issues. Lots of issues. Yuch.

See you when I’ve finished bailing. —  Harry Newton