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Wimbledon semi-finals are playing. Inflation is apparently ebbing. Tech stocks are soaring — especially Nvidia (as usual)

This morning is Men’s Wimbledon semifinals.  They’re usually much better than the final which is on Sunday.

Watch on ESPN, The Tennis Channel and YouTube TV.

Points to note when watching or paying tennis:

+ Tennis is a running game.

+ The best players take their racquets back early. Watch the forehand.

+ You can’t think and hit the ball. It’s one or the other. Not both. If you think where you ‘re going to hit it in some sneaky place, you’ll miss the shot.

+ Racquet string tension affects your game more than the racquet you use. I like 66lbs. But everyone else prefer 55lbs.

+ There is no better exercise for old geezers (like you and me).

+  Avoid playing in the noonday sun. That gives brutality a whole new meaning.

+ Drink oodles of water. I’ve never suffered from too much water. But I have cramped from too little water.

+ Tennis is the best way of keeping active when you’re geriatric. The best part: You don’t know you’re exercising. You’re focused on killing the guy on the other side of the net.

Inflation Slows Down

From the New York Times cover page:

Look what happened this week (so far) to my favorite tech ETF.

Better yet, look what’s happened to my favorite tech/AI stock this week:

Now compare the two for the year to date. NVDA is an animal.

If your kids are doing dollar cost averaging, make sure they put a hefty chunk into VGT.

Truly wonderful story

Click here.

Why you missed me

You probably figured out that I missed a week’s worth of blogs because I spent wonderful time with the four grandkids in Maine.

When I returned to Columbia County NY state, I found that “the rain in Maine does not stay mainly in Maine.”  We had a tornado watch last night.

If you don’t believe in Climate Change yet, look what’s happening with heat in Phoenix and floods in Vermont.

If you have young kids or young grandkids, you’ll love these:

The ten best grandfather jokes

+ I’ve been breeding racing deer. Just trying to make a quick buck.

+ I know a surgeon who puts organs back in upside down. I told him that’s not funny,. He said it was an inside joke.

+ My dog accidentally swallowed a bunch of Scrabble tiles. I think this could spell disaster.

+ I wondered why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

+ My friend wants to become an archaeologist, but I’m trying to put him off. I’m convinced his life will be in ruins.

+ I got hit in the head with a can of Coke today. Don’t worry, I’m not hurt. It was a soft drink.

+ What’s a bad wizard’s favorite computer program? Auto Correct.

+ Why did the Leggo cross the road? Because it found it was on the wrong block.

+ Inflation is really getting out of hand. That’s just my five cents.

+ My dentist offered me dentures for only a dollar. It sounded like a good deal at the time, but now I have buck teeth.

That’s it for today. The semi-finals are on. Sinner is losing. Carlos Alcaraz is playing shortly. He’s the 20-year old Spanish phenom.

And a final thought:

See you shortly. — Harry Newton