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Should I sell Apple? I remain mesmerized by the Nvidia podcast. Why Putin called Elon Musk “Outstanding”

I bought a new Apple Watch Series 9. Apple gave me $190 trade-in on my old Apple Watch.

I bought the plain old Apple Watch Series 9 — not the Ultra or the one that’s also a phone.

I did not buy an Apple iPhone 15 because I could not find any new features I wanted. I’m still using the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which I’m very happy with.

The new iPhone 15 is lighter, has a better camera, a bigger battery, a USB-C port and comes in pink. which many reviewers specifically mentioned — go figure. Many tech reviewers said the iPhone 15 wasn’t worth the upgrade from the 14.

The market didn’t like Apple’s new phone or its other new stuff. This is yesterday and today:

I watched Apple’s entire boring Wonderlust presentation (rhymes with bust) yesterday.

Apple committed the worst marketing mistake. It focused the entire presentation on itself — all its fantastic hardware improvements — faster processor, more cores in the processors, etc. etc. It forgot to tell me if the new phone made better phone calls, added more intelligence to the messaging, etc.

Why do I still have to wait until the end of the stupid “I can’t get to the phone, leave your message.

How many billion times have I been forced to listen to the stupid voice mail message? There is a better way.

If Apple would call, I’d give them 20 computer telephony  features that their iPhone desperately needs.

Do they have anyone in charge of telecommunications — making and receiving phone calls — at Apple? If they do, they were missing from Wonderlust.

Heh guys, it’s a phone, not a sustainable, carbon neutral, recycled, leather-free thingee.

It’s a freaking phone. It’s called an EYE-PHONE.

I’m one or two days from selling all my Apple shares. I’m sick of their lack of customer focus.

Oh, I forgot. You can now answer a phone call on your new Apple Watch by tapping your thumb and a finger together. (Reviewers were excited about this dumb feature.)

I wonder from where Apple got that brilliant idea? Wasn’t it how we used to lift the handset to answer the phone? A finger and a thumb!

Don’t get me started.

More excitement from the podcast on Nvidia

The podcast is the best, most mesmerizing podcast I’ve ever heard. And I’m not finished listening. It’s over two hours.

Nvidia dominates AI. You want an investment in AI? There’s only Nvidia.

One of the commentators says:

“Nvidia is not a hardware company. They’re not a chips company. They’re a platform company.”

Then they explain that in gruesome technical detail, which I’m struggling to understand.

They also explain how Nvidia is achieving a gross margin of over 70% while its sales double.

Nvidia is my biggest holding — by far. Listen to the podcast and you’ll understand why.

Putin called Elon Musk “outstanding”

Wouldn’t you also call Musk outstanding,..

+ IF Musk stopped the Ukrainians destroying your Black Sea Naval Fleet?

+ IF Musk is pushing a peace plan that gets you to keep a huge part of Ukraine which you just invaded?

In case you hadn’t seen it, this is Putin’s Palace, reputed to have cost the Russian Government over $2 billion to build.

You would not believe what this “house” for one person contains. Everything from a bowling alley to multiple heliports.

It’s 191,000 square feet.

Putin’s palace, according to Wikipedia, has a spa, saunas, Turkish baths, meat and fish, vegetable and dessert shops, a warehouse, a reading room, a music lounge, a hookah bar, a theater and a cinema, a wine cellar, a casino, and about a dozen guest bedrooms. The master bedroom is 260 square metres (2,800 square feet) — about the size of your entire house.

My father was born and lived in a small town that is now part of Ukraine. He and mother ran away in 1939 on the last boat from Italy to Australia, where I was born in 1942. He left his hometown because he was afraid, that from the West, the German Nazis would kill him because he was Jewish and, that from the East, the Russians would kill him because he was a capitalist. His family owned a small winery.

Now Putin wants to obliterate Ukrainians because they’re Ukrainians. HIs bombs and missiles kill capitalists, children, old folk, young folk and Jews. He makes no distinction He kills them all — even if they speak Russian and have positive feelings toward Russia.

If he ever succeeds in Ukraine, he’ll go after all the countries to the west that were part of the old Soviet Union. This is why our investment in Ukraine of arms, ammunition and treasure — but not troops — is the best investment we Americans can make today.

I just gave money to the World Central Kitchen. You should too. Give here. Tell them it’s for Ukraine.

Fun cartoons

Please get your updated Covid vaccine — the one covering the new variants.

CVS tells me they’re now available.  I like CVS. Their appointment website is the best. I’m getting my shot next week.

See you soon. — Harry Newton