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Pinch me. I don’t know why Nvidia just exploded. But I’m not unhappy.

Nvidia, as I’ve written, is my biggest holding.

Here’s the last three impressive months — Nvidia versus the S&P 500.

Here’s what happened over the last year compared to the S&P 500. Nvidia left the S&P500 in the dust.

Last night Nvidia closed at $594.91 — up 397% from January 2 last year. As they say in Australia — that’s better than a slap in the belly with a cold fish.

When I saw ChatGPT/generative AI emerge in November 2022, I searched for companies that might benefit directly  in a big way — not just use it. Companies like Meta, Microsoft, Google, Adobe and Salesforce, were going to use it in their businesses to further their businesses. But none had AI as their central business — except Nvidia.

Frankly, there isn’t an executive around today as impressive as Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s president and founder. I’ve devoured his videos — some many hours long.

They contain the vision I don’t see from the likes of most technology companies — including Intel’s boring Pat Gelsinger, or Microsoft’s rambling Satya Nadella or Facebook’s flighty Mark Zuckerberg, who tried AR (artificial reality), faltered and is now on a new track.

From a Vision point of view Jensen even leaves Apple’s Tim Cook in the dust — a $3,500 headset  (called VisionPro) is the best that Tim can do? Are you excited? Are you going to buy one? Not me. Tim should have done rabbit r1. (Click here.)

To all my friends who’ve kept away from Nvidia because it was “over priced,” I say by all conventional metrics — based on past earnings — it is overpriced. But go forward, its earnings are exploding. Later this year, it will look less a momentum stock and more of a value stock. Yes, Nvidia as a value stock.

Is Nvidia (NVDA) still a buy?

Damned right, it is.

There are many great Jensen presentations on YouTube. Here’s one on  generative AI:

Meantime from Davos, here’s a wonderful talk on the virtues of capitalism by Argentina’s new president:

And if you’re wondering what the Palestinians should be doing, watch this:

Not funny.

Boeing’s woes continue. Including an emergency landing in Miami for a flaming 747. And Sec. Blinken’s delayed departure from the Middle East. I love this cartoon.

I’ve never owned shares in Boeing and never will. I rue having to fly their unsafe planes.

Truly fun stuff

Introducing 2056 President Sophie Newton Maloney

She’s got commonsense, charisma and the ability to get things done. She has my vote.

Spoiler Alert: She’s my granddaughter.

See  you. — Harry Newton