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Jensen is on 60 Minutes tonight. Opportunities in all the weirdest places — like Ukraine. A NO to home automation.

Here is Nvidia compared with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq over the last five years:

Nvidia’s parabolic move will not continue. It’s already dropped a little, but has bounced back. Look at Friday.

In my opinion, it will continue to rise faster than the S&P 500 or Nasdaq.

Nvidia was founded by Jensen Huang, who’s still CEO.

I believe Jensen is our most charismatic founder/CEO.

He leads off 60 Minutes this evening. Nvidia is my biggest holding by far.  Here’s 60 Minutes blurb on tonight’s show:

Jensen is also featured on several Acquired’s podcasts and the latest issue of Wired:

Ukraine as a huge investment opportunity

Neither Russia nor Ukraine will win the war. Soon there’ll be a ceasefire/truce/something that will stop the war for maybe another 10 or 15 years — before Russia tries again.

By then things will be different . Ukraine will part of the EU and have joined NATO.

Meantime, Ukraine has the best agricultural land on earth. Today it’s going cheap.

Dozens of American investors and investment firms are presently buying Ukraine’s agricultural land.

Lots of American private security companies are  booming to protect the investments, including Sabre, Triple Canopy, Greystone, and Executive Solutions.

Going to Europe?

There are remarkably cheap deals on business class seats, especially from JetBlue, Delta  and La Compagnie.

Home automation sucks

+ The motors in electric blinds break. Manual ones don’t have motors.

+ House-wide sound systems never get used.

+ Wi-Fi works but is slow. Wire your house with Ethernet cables.

+ Under-floor radiant heat is lovely, but ultra-expensive to run. It also leaks. Ripping up floors an ceilings gets really expensive. Been there. Done that.

+ Electronic light fixtures break over time. When they break, they’re manufacturer-discontinued. Even eBay and Amazon run of out replacements.

I’ve got more bitches. But it pains me to list them all. Suffice, simple is better.

AI is already hurting your kids

As AI takes over their jobs, your kids are being fired.

My solution: Tell your kids to go back to school. Tell them to talk to your friends and their parents. There are zillions of opportunities.  For example data centers. Read the Wall Street Journal. Click here.

Madrid Tennis is on The Tennis Channel

It’s fun watching the greats destroy the young hopefuls.

Tennis is a  social game. It keeps you alive longer:

Tennis is a running/agility game. When you finally hit a down-the-line backhand winner, it’s exhilarating — the adrenaline rush!

There is another way of staying healthy:

Latest Borowitz

That’s it for now

Watch Jensen this evening. If you’re recording it on YouTubeTV, you have to wait three hours for the west coast to get it.

I’m now off to play tennis. It’s 70+,, bright blue skies and no wind. Perfect.

— See you soon. — Harry Newton