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Susan says “He’s a Child.” Meantime, the market is up strongly. Go figure.

Susan said “He’s a child.”

He got in his hermetically sealed car with a bunch of secret service people and drove around the block to show himself off to his throngin fans.

It was a dangerous political stunt, exposing nice people in his hermetically sealed car to his highly contagious sickness. After all, we’re in a pandemic. What doesn’t he understand? How many Secret Service employees have to be made sick and quarantined before there are none left?

My favorite  story was in Vanity Fair:

The president’s recklessness at Walter Reed has Don Jr. pushing for an intervention, but Ivanka and Jared “keep telling Trump how great he’s doing,” a source     says.

For the Vanity Fair story, click here.

Trump says he’s now checking out of the hospital this evening.

That “news” and the drive-by boosted the market today. Personally I think the market is nuts responding to Trump’s antics.

But he is a master at distraction and deflection. Last week it was about the horrible debate and his taxes (or lack thereof). He was losing popularity faster than a speeding train.

This week it’s about his sickness and miraculous fast recovery. Now we feel sympathy. We wish him well.

How much of Donald’s sickness is smoke and mirrors, we’ll never know. But that’s the world we live. I’m happy for the sharemarket  boost today.

Business Insider did a piece this morning called:

   7 crucial questions Trump’s doctor has declined to answer — and what he said instead

You can read it here.  

I’ll return to investing tomorrow. I need an evening to simmer down.

I really like this apple

It’s called a Smitten.

I’ve never been a big apple fan — until I discovered these. They’re great.

More wonderful Fall photos from the weekend

This is in the Sculpture Park at Art Omi. If you’re ever up this way, you should take a walk through the park. The sculptures are to die for.

The wild turkeys are enjoying the grass. A few hundred yards from our house.

Here are a couple of vistas.

Comments on this virus:

From Australia, first:

From Washington:

From my “friend” in California. Is he sending me a message?

I’m going off to play my 205th tennis game. See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton