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Useful charts show wildly different returns for different asset classes

These useful charts (from two companies) show which sectors performed and which didn’t perform this year (YTD).

You don’t have to be a genius to see how well technology stocks (the ones that comprise our recommended portfolio) have done, compared to all others, especially energy and the banks.

We do have UNH, TDOC and LVGO in health care.

I don’t know what consumer discretionary is. But my brain is too small to follow all sectors. Better just to ignore ones whose fundamentals are too hard — oils, energy, financials, banks, cannabis, gold silver, mining, etc.

Most of our portfolio is in information technology, which did the best. These two charts emphasize concentration, but diversification within the sector.

Best performers in our portfolio are TTD, ENPH, ZM, SEDG, TWLO, PTON, GNRC, CRM, NET. ROKU, and ZS.

This chart is from Alex Brown.

Another reason not to get Covid

They’ll feed you uppers (aka steroids). Then you’ll make really stupid decisions, and change your mind ten minutes later.

But maybe it was deliberate (and hence brilliant). My portfolio is up far more today (on let’s do the stimulus) than it dropped yesterday (on kill the stimulus.) Go figure. Don’t look. Play tennis. Or go for a bike ride with Ed.

Good ideas

  + Tell your investments where you are. Change everything to electronic. Saves FedEx losing your paper. They’re less reliable than the mails! UPS is better. Pack your stuff in sturdy boxes. Plastic envelopes get destroyed by FedEx’s sorting machines.

  + If it doesn’t work, there are two solutions. Reboot and WD-40, which works better.

  + Set your voice mail box up. It’s infuriating to have your voice mail tell me it’s full, and would I please go fly a kite.

  + I like Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro. But it slows way down if you have a lot of Tools in Use — bottom right hand corner. Close them all down. Then Active Trader Pro will fly.

  + Don’t fall for any of the $1 a month subscription magazine deals. Within a blink of an eye, your monthly subscription will go up several thousand percent. And you’ll be on eternity hold trying to cancel your now expensive  subscription. Bloomberg’s Business Week is the worst.

Working from home doesn’t work

For God’s sake, if you’re “working” from home, answer your emails. Answer your phone.

My experience is that Customer Service drops off a cliff when your people are working from home.

Dumb marketing

The airlines keep pitching me cheap miles. To go where? I haven’t been on a plane in ages. And I have no desire to get on one anytime soon.

And you thought only we were racist

The man is clearly brilliant.

The story is:

  The Short Tenure and Abrupt Ouster of Banking’s Sole Black C.E.O.
Tidjane Thiam made Credit Suisse profitable again. But the Swiss rejected him as an outsider, and a sudden scandal took him down.

Read the full story here.

More nice fall photos in Columbia County



I’m in New York City for a couple of days to catch up on mail and doctors, etc. Ear cleaning. Old person’s flu shot, etc. Why is my hay fever worse in New York City than in the bucolic countryside of Columbia County, NY?

Really exciting. The IRS sent me “You could be subject to backup withholding.

What I need to do:”If you’ve already filed your return or paid all taxes due, including interest and penalties, please ignore this letter.”

For God’s sake, why can’t the IRS keep track on my tax returns?

See you soon. Harry Newton.