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Why Claire is going to go crazy when she reads this blog.

It’s now Tuesday afternoon. I still feel great. Here’s proof of my third booster dose, which I got this morning. (I removed my date of birth.)

CVS is better than Walgreens:

+ CVS’s vaccination web site is intelligent and easy to use. CVS people are much nicer about giving vaccines. Our local Walgreens is nasty and snarly.

+ CVS has more fun stuff to buy, like this I bought this morning:

Claire, my daughter and mother of two of my grandchildren, is not going to be pleased when she imagines what this, and ten pumkins, can do to her house. I’m visiting next weekend. I will give new meanng to the Guest From Hell.

Cross-eyed pumkins are in. The kids will have fun. I will too. Sample:

This is my second favorite CVS thing.

The nice CVS saleslady said the model didn’t come with the fatFREEZER. Shucks!

The market is bouncing around

It always bounces in September, usually down. Here’s Nasdaq from the last five days. Notice how it’s coming back a lbit today. Some people might call that a “Dead Cat Bounce.

Much of the problem with this September is Evergrande, the largest real estate developer in China, now going broke and pulling China down with it — unless Xi and his people bail it out. Cramer did a thoughtful piece on Evergrande and outlined the events:

I continue my rant about staying away from China, its stocks and its crazy leader, Xi.

Here’s BABA this year. It hasn’t stopped going down:

Do not be tempted to catch falling Chinese knives.

Xi is nuts. Can you imagine the Communist Party of China bailing out the largest real estate developer in China.

Evergrande’s boss was once the richest man in China.

Xi’s goal for China is “common prosperity.” Go figure what that means.

Fun cartoons

Lastest Harry news

I dumped my remaining Zoom. It was last year’s Pandemic darling. No more.

I haven’t bought anything. Ed and I are waiting a big blow-out. We have our low-bids in. But they haven’t been reached yet.

This is my second blog today. If you missed the previous one, click here.

No reactions (adverse or otherwise) to my third Moderna shot, except it’s up 2.42% today. (The stock, not the shot.)

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton